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Market Intelligence Briefings: Demand Generation

More cost-effective than long-term nurturing, VitalBriefing supercharges your marketing, propelling your prospects into the sales funnel and shortening the demand cycle. 

Our Briefings trigger buyer interest via continuous engagement, cutting time to market and inspiring loyalty.

Shorten your marketing and sales cycles

Differentiate your emails from the deluge of clickbait. Our topic-specific Briefings connect you to the right decision-makers who have real interest in your service or products. 

Customized to your prospects’ precise needs, this market intelligence is a proven demand gen vehicle for the top and middle of the sales funnel, converting leads from ‘acquire’ to cross-sell and upsell. It’s the tip of your demand gen spear that slashes the time and money spent nurturing.

“Every business needs to build loyal and engaged audiences. Targeting them with accurate, high-value industry briefings is one effective route. VitalBriefing’s unique combination of objective journalistic excellence, laser-like customer focus and AI integration has shortened our demand cycle by attracting prospects and converting them into subscribers who opt in to receive our email communications.”



Fueling your demand gen

Buyers consume content before purchasing. As a trusted and reliable source of must-have news and insights, you create new opportunities via an engagement cycle that builds and deepens relationships — and generates demand based on actual interest.

Offer recurring sector-specific market intelligence briefings

Attract subscribers with a particular interest in your sector
Build prospect profiles via engagement data

Target now-engaged prospects with omni-channel comms


Identify & develop qualified leads, moving prospects quickly into your sales funnel

Build detailed subscriber profiles through opt-in from a growing audience base

Showcase your thought leadership as a source of market intelligence

The Briefings

Our Market Intelligence Briefings feature tailored news summaries researched and written by 70+ seasoned journalists and editors, covering key, timely and relevant industry developments impacting your target audiences.

Cutting-edge blend of the most advanced tools in search and AI paired with human oversight and curation guarantees real-time intelligence

Briefings cover specific industry topics in order to target different audience types, focusing on their needs and interests

Customized with your branding, Briefings are delivered via email or to your CRM/CMS, and can include bylines, analysis, keyword tags and images

Boasting a deep level of knowledge and expertise across sectors, our team filters out the hype to deliver only high-value, actionable news and developments

We monitor open rates, CTR and CTOR to maximize the effectiveness of Briefings in real-time to better target your prospects