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Cut through the clutter

Buying behavior has shifted. More than ever, email programs and newsletters that encourage engagement are the fastest routes to nurturing interest — and transforming prospects into customers.

How can you ensure your communications stand out above the crowd and fuel your demand gen efforts?

Customized Briefings curated by experts

  • A catalyst that shortens the demand cycle and nurtures decision-makers through their buying journey
  • The most advanced tools in AI and search leveraged by an experienced editorial team
  • Tailored news summaries with high-value market insights prepared by veteran editors and journalists
  • Drives repeat engagement by turning your business into a trusted source of relevant intelligence that prospects will welcome
  • Frictionless and automated integration into your CRM or CMS

Inside the VitalBriefing Newsroom

70+ journalists and editors with knowledge and expertise in delivering critical insights that drive business decisions

Proactive service that assesses your Briefing’s audience engagement data, including recommendations to ensure its relevance

A global team with a deep understanding of news and trends impacting US markets, led by a Pulitzer-prize winning journalist

Objective subject experts, driven by journalistic integrity, comprehensively covering and monitoring your prospects’ priorities and interests


Need to identify valuable market opportunities and/or competitor threats?

Our Briefings can also help inform your business decisions with real-time, high-value market intelligence relevant to your organization, ensuring you stay on top of a fast-changing world. Let VitalBriefing track and distil industry news, developments and trends that matter to your business so you can focus on what you do best.